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星环科技分布式搜索引擎 Transwarp Scope 查询优化技术解读

Published on 2021-12-15

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Best Sellers

  • TDCTranswarp Data Cloud (TDC) integrates data PaaS, analysis PaaS, and application PaaS based on cloud-native technology to achieve end-to-end total life cycle management of data.

  • TDSData Development | Data Governance | Sharing and Exchange Supporting enterprise-level data governance and data asset platform construction

  • SophonSophon - Transwarp's intelligent analysis tool, distributed computing, multimodal processing, graphical modelling, privacy protection and Cloud-Edge Synergy.

  • KunDBTranswarp KunDB, compatible with SQL, highly consistent, and with high performance and availability

  • ArgoDBTranswarp ArgoDB is a self-developed distributed analytical flash database to replace Hadoop+MPP hybrid architecture. It supports standard SQL syntax while providing leading technical capabilities such as multi-mode analysis, real-time data processing, storage and computation decoupling, hybrid workloads, data federation, heterogeneous server hybrid deployment.