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Infinity Finance

Transwarp Infinity Finance LLM

Product Overview
Transwarp Infinity Finance is a financial investment research LLM platform designed for professional investors and investment institutions. It integrates professional analytical and computational capabilities across multiple dimensions such as fundamentals, technical analysis, and news sentiment. It incorporates natural language interactive investment research strategy building and factor analysis capabilities, enabling professional analytical and computational capabilities for various market scenarios including stocks, futures, and more. It provides corresponding investment research analysis results and recommendations.
Key Features and Advantages or Key Features and Benefits
Extensive Financial Data Repository or Comprehensive Financial Data Corpus
High-quality structured announcement research reports and financial public opinion event training corpus.
Multi-source Data
Covering a wide range of information associations including public opinion, capital, individuals, locations, upstream and downstream, etc.
Multi-level Investment Research Directives Across Industries
Including multi-dimensional investment research analysis logic covering macroeconomics, industry, policy, and individual stocks.
Six Types of LLM Basic Factor Sets
Full coverage of policies, public opinion, ESG, risks, industrial chains, volume, and price.
Coverage of Multi-level Markets
Covering primary and secondary markets, bonds, equity, commodities, and funds.
Quantitative Trading
Significantly improving research efficiency and contributing to independent excess returns.
Infinity Finance LLM
Features or Capabilities
Policy Analysis
Financial Graph
Research Report Summarization
News Summary
Event Propagation
Post-event Analysis
Deductive Reasoning
Quantitative Factors
Product Use Cases
Intelligent Research Report Generation
Intelligent Research Report Generation
Information Interpretation and Analysis
Information Interpretation and Analysis
Financial Knowledge Engineering
Financial Knowledge Engineering
Event-driven Dessemination
Event-driven Dessemination
Intelligent Investment Research Q&A
Intelligent Investment Research Q&A
Quantitative Factor Strategies
Quantitative Factor Strategies
  • Intelligent Research Report Generation
  • Financial Knowledge Engineering
  • Intelligent Investment Research Q&A
  • Information Interpretation and Analysis
  • Event-driven Dessemination
  • Quantitative Factor Strategies
Intelligent Research Report Generation

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