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Legal Notice

Welcome to Transwarp Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as "Transwarp") at (hereinafter "the Site"). Transwarp reminds you to read the following Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as "The Terms") carefully before accessing this website or using the materials on this website directly/indirectly.

In order to provide you with a superior service experience, Transwarp grants you the right to access the Site in accordance with the Terms. By using the Site, you acknowledge your knowledge and acceptance of the Term. If you do not agree to any of the Terms, please stop using the Website and any pages on the Website, and Transwarp apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause. If you act in violation of the Terms, Transwarp has the right to immediately suspend or terminate your service, and the right to pursue your legal responsibility. Transwarp reserves the right to amend and update these Terms at any time and to post them on the Site.

The use of personal information

When you register on this Site, you will be asked to provide a series of personal information, such as your name, address, e-mail, telephone number, etc. The information you provide must be real and reliable. Unless required by the state authorities or other regulations, Transwarp will not disclose or make public the above information to third parties. Your information will be used for statistics, collection, and analysis and protected by relevant laws and regulations.

Your use of this Site

All users may use this Site only for lawful purposes and are expressly prohibited from using it for any other purpose. You may not breach or attempt to breach the security rules of this Website, or use this Site for any purpose that may adversely affect Internet security, national interests or the legal rights of others, including but not limited to:

a. Accessing unauthorized data or logging on unauthorized servers or accounts; visiting the Site in any illegal manner or in a manner not provided by the Site; using automated/manual processes, crawling devices, programs, algorithms or methods to visit, acquire, copy, monitor any composition or content of the Site.

b. Attempt to probe, scan or test the vulnerability of systems or networks, or breach security or authentication measures; backward search, track or attempt to track any information about users/visitors of this site; misuse or disclose any services and information on the Site without written permission from Transwarp.

c. Attempt to interfere with services for users and the network, including and not limited to by means of overloading, ''mail bombs'' or ''destruction''; any act that results in an unreasonably high load on the Site and its associated architecture.

d. Use any content of the Site for illegal purposes, such as sending promotional, product advertising and service emails, instigating others to violate the rights of others, or conducting illegal activities.

e. Forging complete or partial names of TCP/IP data packet.

f. Other use of this Site to violate the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, network security management order or public morality.

You may not use this Site to engage in illegal and criminal behavior, including but not limited to: violation of any existing laws and regulations; infringement of Transwarp's or others' intellectual property rights, trade secrets, reputation or privacy rights and other legal rights; the use of this site to transmit, distribute, store defamatory, obscene, threatening, abusive and slanderous materials. Transwarp firmly opposes any acts that endanger the security of computer systems or networks. If you violate the above provisions during the process of using this Site, Transwarp has the right to suspend or terminate your right to use this site, take necessary measures to investigate, intervene and cooperate with the relevant authorities in law enforcement activities.

Safe Harbor Statement

The information provided on this Site is for reference only (including but not limited to product prices, models, specifications, designs, process materials, packaging or functional descriptions). Transwarp does not guarantee or endorse the legality, authenticity, accuracy and completeness of the materials and information provided on this Site. Transwarp solemnly declares that it will not be liable for compensation for errors/omissions of information within the scope of the law; Transwarp's contracts with all third parties are not bound by the information on this Site. Transwarp has the right to modify and update the content of this site at any time without any notice or prompt.

The products, services or features you purchase are governed by the commercial contract signed between you and Transwarp, and the products, services or features described on this Site may not be within the scope of your purchase or use. The content of this website may be updated from time to time due to product version upgrading or other reasons. Unless otherwise agreed, the content of this Site is for guidance and reference only, and all statements do not constitute any guarantee or commitment to the other party to the contract, and are not considered part of or attached to the contract, and Transwarp reserves the right of final interpretation.

Copyright Statement

Except for the contents of the cited sources, the materials and information contained in this Site are protected by relevant laws and regulations and owned by Transwarp or its licensors. No organization or individual may excerpt, copy or use the content or any part of this Site, or distribute it in any form for any purpose, including but not limited to modifying, distributing, reprinting, playing, disassembling, reverse engineering, decompiling, hyperlinking or transmitting, 'mirroring' to other servers, storing in information retrieval systems, or any other use without written permission from Transwarp/Licensors.

All source code and software in binary form, sample code, APIs, SDKs, related documentation and other related materials (collectively, the "Software") on the Site are the property of Transwarp/Licensor. Unless otherwise agreed between you and Transwarp, these Terms do not provide any form of license for the software, and you may not reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, adapt, implant, or use other derived operations, to research the internal implementation of Transwarp products in any way, obtain the source code of the products, infringe intellectual property rights, or disclose the results of any software performance tests.


All other trademarks mentioned on this Site remain the property of Transwarp or other trademark holders. The content of this Site is not considered to grant any organization or individual the right to use the trademark in an express, implicit, tacit or other form. Without written permission from Transwarp, no organization or individual may use Transwarp's name and Transwarp's trademarks/marks in any form.

Other disclaimers

a. Transwarp is not responsible for any liability that may arise from the information provided by the user, including but not limited to any liability resulting from unauthorized, incorrect or inaccurate information, viruses, defamation, libel, etc. in violations of copyright law, trademark law, network security law or any other laws and regulations. Transwarp does not assume any responsibility for the loss, deletion, removal or failure of transmission of user-provided information under any circumstances. Transwarp reserves the right to delete or remove any user-provided information at any time without prior notice, and you should make your copies of the information you provide.

b. Transwarp does not guarantee the continuity and accuracy of the Site service, nor does it make any commitment to stop malicious intrusion or repair the response time of the network service. Transwarp does not assume any responsibility for network service fluctuations, break or data loss caused by system maintenance and upgrading, server failure or other force majeure / other factors beyond Transwarp's control. Transwarp will take necessary control measures to minimize your loss and the impact on you.

c. Transwarp does not guarantee the accuracy and legality of the information provided by third party links in this Site (hereinafter referred to as "third party information"). Third party links are retained on this Site only for convenience or to indicate the source, and not for promotional or advertising purposes. Transwarp does not expressly or implicitly endorse or recommend Third Party Information. You should freely and carefully access third-party links or use third-party information, and any legal actions you take with third parties through this Site or external links (including but not limited to transactions with third parties) will be your sole responsibility with the third party, and Transwarp will not assume any responsibility in this regard.

d. To the extent permitted by law, Transwarp shall not be liable to the user, viewer or any third party for any direct, indirect, incidental, subordinate, third-party caused, special or any form of punitive damages, nor shall Transwarp guarantee any expected/actual profit, revenue, data and data use.

Application of Law and Dispute Resolution

You agree that all matters relating to your access to or use of this Site shall be construed, understood and governed in accordance with the laws of the People's Republic of China. You agree that the Shanghai Arbitration Commission of China shall have relevant jurisdiction.


This statement applies to all users and viewers of this Site. The right of interpretation of this statement and the final interpretation right of this website belongs to Transwarp.