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Transwarp Knowledge Hub

Leading Enterprises in Building Efficient AI Infrastructure
Product Introduction
Transwarp Knowledge Hub, an AI infrastructure product released by Transwarp, provides users with a complete chain from AI infrastructure construction to research and development applications such as big data and AI, accelerating AI's enablement of industries.
Transwarp Knowledge Hub (TKH) offers a comprehensive AI Infra toolkit that covers key stages from corpus development and management, large model training and continuous improvement, multimodal knowledge engineering, multimodal knowledge storage and services, to native AI application construction, orchestration, and application services. It provides technologies for rapid construction and enhancement of large model applications such as prompt engineering, retrieval-augmented generation, and agent building, as well as model inference optimization, model security, and continuous improvement. TKH supports unified management of heterogeneous computing power, corpora, knowledge, and large model applications, providing a one-stop platform for the intensification of data and corpus assets, and possesses enterprise-level organizational space management capabilities.
With the support of TKH, enterprises can accurately and efficiently convert multi-modal corpora from various sources into high-quality professional domain knowledge, continuously supporting a wide range of use cases and applications such as professional knowledge base question-answering, business and financial data analysis, intelligent investment research, and predictive maintenance of equipment. This enables enterprises to establish knowledge-based competitive advantages and achieve the implementation and innovation of "AI+" businesses.
Key Features
Leading Knowledge Engineering, Storage, and Retrieval Technologies
Automatically extract the key knowledge elements from multimodal data, possess enhanced data analysis and multimodal comprehension capabilities, and support natural language queries and intelligent question answering.
Powerful capabilities in managing corpus knowledge, computing power, models, and applications
Provide users with a unified platform to manage multi-source heterogeneous corpora and knowledge, achieve intensive utilization of corpus assets, efficiently support model training and inference, as well as subsequent continuous development and operational improvement.
Flexible deployment options and enterprise-level security governance capabilities
Provide fine-grained permission control, data desensitization, model encryption, security fences, and other data security measures.
TKH Usage Scenarios
Enterprise-level AI Knowledge Base
Organizations often accumulate a large amount of internal and external knowledge, including various rules and regulations, product manuals, engineering implementation documents, course videos, important meeting recordings, etc. As the scale of the organization expands, the volume of knowledge grows rapidly and is scattered across various departments, systems, and even individual employee computers. Retrieving and coordinating this knowledge requires a significant amount of time and manpower. Additionally, since the formats and modalities of these files are different, it is difficult for employees to efficiently obtain the desired information from existing knowledge. The TKH knowledge platform helps organizations to uniformly manage vast amounts of knowledge and provides knowledge question-answering capabilities.
Financial Market Research
In the field of financial research, analyzing the financial reports of listed companies is one of the core tasks. Its purpose is to extract valuable insights from intricate financial data to support investment decisions, conduct market research, or formulate investment strategies. However, the complexity of financial reports, the vast amount of data, and the high demand for professional knowledge pose challenges. Financial reports involve numerous detailed financial indicators, and their interpretation often requires a combination of macroeconomic analysis, industry trends, market directions, and real-time information. These analytical processes are often difficult and time-consuming. TKH can assist financial institutions in providing professional financial domain question-and-answer services, advanced financial data processing, and efficient and comprehensive market insights.
Application Cases
  • Application of a Smart Regulatory Assistant for a Financial Institution
  • Construction of a Smart Middle Platform for a Government Agency
Customer needs
○ Huge Amount of Knowledge and Information in Financial Audits: Financial audits involve a vast amount of knowledge and information, including but not limited to legal and regulatory provisions, securities trading data, bank transaction data, industrial and commercial data, investment-related data, etc. The cost of compilation and search is high.
○ Complex Audit Processes: In handling financial cases, it is necessary to frequently consult relevant laws and regulations, compare historical case judgments, and search for relevant evidence. The audit process is complex.
○ Overall Efficiency Requirements: During the handling of financial cases, various text generation tasks are frequently involved, such as investigation reports, administrative penalty notices, regulatory measures documents, etc. Relevant data personnel also need to frequently perform SQL query tasks, which are not highly technical but repetitive and take up a significant amount of time.
○ Building a Regulatory Audit Knowledge Platform: Import unstructured document data such as historical administrative penalty decisions, legal and regulatory provisions, judicial judgment data, and penalty decision data; relational graph data, such as investment relationships; and structured data including securities trading data, bank transaction data, and other types of knowledge and information into the TKH knowledge platform. Through sorting and leveraging the platform's automated knowledge construction capabilities, a regulatory audit knowledge base is formed, and a large model in the field of financial regulation is trained and optimized. This establishes a regulatory audit knowledge platform, providing valuable information insights and support for financial audit work, and achieving platform-based management of financial regulatory knowledge.
○ Constructing an Audit Knowledge Question-and-Answer Application for One-stop Smart Regulation: Through natural language queries, the system can assist regulators in quickly retrieving relevant legal provisions, providing similar cases, providing evidence prompts, and assisting in generating texts and codes during the case handling process. This enhances the efficiency and accuracy of case audits, improving overall efficiency.
Project results
Provide valuable information insights and support for financial inspection work, enabling the platform-based management of financial regulatory knowledge
Build an inspection knowledge question-and-answer application to achieve one-stop intelligent supervision

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