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Infinity Logits

Transwarp Infinity Logits

Intelligent Analytics and Insight Platform
Product Introduction
Infinity Logits is an intelligent business analytics and insight platform based on Transwarp's large-scale data analysis model. Leveraging the model's specialized training capabilities in the field of data analysis, it comprehends user intentions, assisting business professionals and decision-makers in exploring data, obtaining accurate data results, and generating vivid chart dashboards. Infinity Logits shortens the data analysis process, lowers the threshold for data analysis, and provides a smart analytics and insight platform with consistent business understanding, clear metric definitions, unified data results, and flexible analytical exploration.
Why Choose Infinity Logits
Query results are more accurate
By integrating indicators and labeled product formats, predefined complex data calculation logic is applied to intelligent query scenarios, addressing issues such as ambiguity in data calculation logic and the inability of models to understand complex data calculation logic.
Model answers are interpretable
During the query process, intelligent prompts are provided in real-time based on problem keywords. The columns, rows, and filter configurations in the query results are parsed and recognized, and similar fields are suggested based on the query results, helping users quickly understand the content of the query.
Data security is guaranteed
Set the visibility scope of the analysis scenario, limit to only executing secure SQL for query purposes, and provide comprehensive data security protection through the combination of row-column permission control and dynamic desensitization strategies.
Application Value
Business Decision Makers
By using natural language to generate SQL, the data access ability of business decision-makers can be improved, making them less dependent on the ETL work of technical departments. Furthermore, business analysts can use automated methods to create charts and reports, and provide regular feedback with visualized charts, allowing business decision-makers to quickly and comprehensively understand business operations. Natural language-generated SQL can also help business decision-makers better understand data, as they can pose questions in natural language without requiring specialized skills. This will make it easier for them to discover patterns and trends in the data, leading to better business strategies. Therefore, using natural language to generate SQL can greatly enhance the work efficiency and data analysis capabilities of business decision-makers.
Data Analysts
When data analysts handle big data, they often have to spend considerable time writing and optimizing SQL code. In such scenarios, tools that leverage natural language to generate charts and reports can significantly enhance data analysis efficiency, saving analysts a great deal of time by eliminating the need to manually write complex SQL code. Infinity Logits can assist in analytical work by generating charts and reports through natural language, providing valuable data insights. Furthermore, Infinity Logits offers a feature for rapidly creating dashboards, enabling analysts to quickly produce dashboards by simply supplementing and adjusting the generated charts. This allows analysts to gain insights into business operations data and enhance their work efficiency.

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