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Infinity Intelligence

Transwarp Infinity Intelligence

Enterprise-level Vertical Domain Q&A Large Model
Product Introduction
Transwarp Infinity Intelligence is an enterprise-level vertical domain question-and-answer product that is based on the Transwarp large model platform and integrates various knowledge sources such as personal knowledge bases, corporate knowledge bases, laws and regulations, and financial information.
Product Advantages
Precise question-answering capabilities, reducing the illusion of large models
Information Retrieval Based on Vector Indexing Technology: Utilizing Transwarp's self-developed vector database Hippo, the vector indexing technology enables rapid and precise recall of relevant information from vast datasets, improving the speed and accuracy of information retrieval, making the model more efficient in handling queries.Performing In-depth Relational Analysis with Graph Computing: Leveraging graph computing frameworks, Infinity Intelligence is able to identify multi-level relationships between entities, thereby conducting in-depth relational analysis and providing more profound and accurate insights.Ensuring the Verifiability of Answers: All answers provided by Infinity Intelligence are accompanied with annotated information sources, ensuring the transparency and verifiability of the answers, effectively avoiding the illusion of large models.
Multi-modal data sources, enhancing the richness of answers
Extensive Data Sources: Covering a wide range of information sources such as official news, portal websites, self-media finance, and more, it encompasses various macroeconomic data, price indices, and most news data across the entire market. This includes not only data accessible through typical channels but also high-credibility news partner data with first-hand information. At the same time, it provides real-time comprehensive coverage of all official policy data.Real-time Access to Multi-dimensional Data: It enables real-time access to the latest market data, satellite remote sensing data, upstream and downstream data of the industrial chain, and more, providing professionals with professional and timely assistance in making decisions.
Building a proprietary knowledge base to ensure corporate data security
Automated Knowledge Engineering: It supports users to upload various documents for automatic parsing, and automatically injects private domain knowledge into the large model through document slicing and vectorization techniques, ensuring the security of enterprise data.Flexible Expansion of the Knowledge Base: The construction of a proprietary knowledge base enables enterprises to flexibly expand according to business development needs, ensuring the continuity and timely updating of the knowledge system to cope with rapidly changing market environments.
Feature Introduction
Intelligent Q&A
Diverse Data Sources: Supports multi-channel acquisition of answer sources, allowing users to upload files to build personalized knowledge bases.Enterprise Knowledge Base: Constructing an enterprise knowledge base enables rapid access to cross-domain knowledge, supporting decision-making and innovation within the enterprise.Market and Regulatory Analysis: Infinity Intelligence can predict market trends based on annual reports, news, and securities regulations, helping users make informed investment and trading decisions.Accurate and Reliable Answers: Users can directly compare the answers generated by the large model with the original materials to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the answers.Real-time Market and Industry Analysis: Real-time acquisition and analysis of financial product pricing provides effective investment strategies and risk warnings.
News and Information
Real-time News and Hot Topics: Updates news dynamics in real-time and automatically generates summaries to help users quickly grasp key content. Infinity Intelligence can automatically analyze current hot topics, ensuring users stay up-to-date with current affairs.Industry Chain Analysis: Provides in-depth insights into the impact of news on upstream and downstream industries, helping users comprehensively understand market changes and precisely identify industry trends.Hot Sectors and Investment Strategies: Automatically summarizes the performance of hot industry sectors and related stock movements, allowing users to formulate more informed investment strategies based on this information.
Writing Assistant
Support for Writing in Specific Fields: Through deep learning and understanding of knowledge in specific industries or domains, Infinity Intelligence's writing assistant can generate content that meets professional standards and industry regulations, ensuring that the written content is accurate and error-free.Support for Customized Writing: Infinity Intelligence supports users to upload writing templates or create outlines, and can generate articles based on the user's specified document format and writing style.
Knowledge Base Management
Flexible Document and Data Management: It enables efficient organization, viewing, and synchronization with cloud storage for documents, as well as flexible configuration of various data sources, ensuring unified management and regular updates of documents and data sources.Strict Access Control: Supports individual setting of read and write permissions for each department's knowledge base, ensuring that different organizations and employees can safely and effectively access and manage the knowledge base within their authorized scope.Process Optimization and Prompt Setup: Supports the creation and editing of Prompt templates, enabling intelligent document question-and-answer processes, and improving the efficiency of knowledge base management and decision-making.
User Management
Organizational Structure and Permission Management: The module provides comprehensive organizational structure management functions, supporting convenient addition, deletion, modification, and retrieval operations for internal organizational structures and user accounts, ensuring flexible allocation and precise control of permissions within the enterprise.Role-Based Access Control (RBAC): Supports Single Sign-On (SSO) integration, allowing enterprises to centrally manage user data across multiple systems, achieving unified user directories and precise control over permission allocation.
App Store
Pre-installed Applications: Provides three pre-installed applications, including Intelligent Question-and-Answer, Document Question-and-Answer, and Intelligent Writing, to meet core business needs.One-click Installation and Deployment: Supports purchasing and installing applications based on the actual needs of the enterprise, with one-click completion of purchase, installation, and deployment.Rich Application Ecosystem: The application library covers a wide range of industries, including general-purpose, finance, energy, industrial, medical, transportation, and specific sectors, meeting diverse needs across different fields.
Application Cases/Scenarios
  • Enterprise-level AI Knowledge Base
  • Subject-specific Text Writing
  • Financial Market Research
Customer needs
○ Many enterprises and institutions often accumulate a large amount of internal and external knowledge, including various rules and regulations, product manuals, engineering implementation documents, course videos, recordings of important meetings, and so on. As the scale of the organization expands, the volume of knowledge grows rapidly and is scattered across various departments, systems, and even employees' personal computers. Retrieving and coordinating this knowledge requires a significant amount of time and manpower. Additionally, due to the varying formats and modalities of these files, employees find it difficult to efficiently obtain the desired information from the existing knowledge. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a knowledge platform based on large models to uniformly manage vast amounts of knowledge and provide knowledge question-and-answer capabilities.
○ One-stop Multi-modal Knowledge Access and Management: Infinity Intelligence supports users in uploading multi-modal data such as documents, tables, images, audio, and video in a one-stop manner. Based on StarRocks' self-developed RAG technology, it can automatically process and store knowledge, enabling rapid retrieval and intelligent question-and-answer of vast amounts of multi-modal knowledge.
○ Comprehensive Enterprise-level Knowledge Management: Infinity Intelligence provides a comprehensive management interface, supporting the management of the entire lifecycle of knowledge access, knowledge sources, knowledge permissions, user permissions, and more, helping enterprises easily build a private knowledge platform.
○ Relational Knowledge Mining: Leveraging the capabilities of Transwarp's large model and big data, Infinity Intelligence can further mine related questions and knowledge after answering queries, including relevant image retrieval, graph-based relationship associations, and more, facilitating further knowledge exploration.
Project results
Rapidly achieve retrieval and intelligent question-and-answer for vast amounts of multi-modal knowledge
Provide a comprehensive management interface to help enterprises easily build a private knowledge platform
Leveraging Transwarp LLM, further exploration of related questions and knowledge can be conducted

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