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Edge Computing

Multimodal Data Integration
Edge Data Governance
Intelligent Cloud-Edge Interaction
Edge computing
Edge Autonomy and Cloud-Edge Collaboration
Sophon Edge ensures the independent operation of the edge node in the case of network outage without affecting real-time data processing and support resuming and synchronizing data between the edge and the cloud when the network is restored. In addition, Sophon Edge enables unified management from the cloud over the edge, realizing cloud edge collaboration, reducing the operation and maintenance cost of the edge node, and greatly improving the efficiency of model deployment and operation and maintenance.
Supporting the Access of Multiple Data Protocols
Sophon Edge supports the mainstream instant communication protocols such as Modbus, OPC-UA, MQTT, CoAP and AMQP, and provides interfaces to help users to connect with third-party private protocols. In addition, it also supports the access of streaming media devices to the platform through standard protocols such as Onvif, GB28181, RTSP, RTMP and V4L2.
Exploratory Data Analysis
Sophon Edge provides a customized data dashboard service, which allows users to not only view the original real-time data of the accessed device but also obtain the analysis results after accessing some rule calculations, so as to intuitively monitor the device data. In addition, it also provides multi-dimensional functions of statistical data analysis for users to better understand the data.
Rule Engine and Reasoning Eervice
Sophon Edge provides visual rule components to allow users to quickly build data processing flows by simple drag-and-drop methods, so as to realize flexible data processing, data storage and data forwarding. In addition, it also provides FaaS functions for users to call when implementing complex service logics.
Management In the Full Data LifeCycle
For the data generated at the edge node on the user side, Sophon Edge provides the management services in the full data life-cycle from collection, processing, storage, synchronization to final expiration. Users can also realize real-time or regular upload of edge data by configuring cloud-edge synchronization policy.
Solution Highlights
Device Access
Based on a variety of standard device protocols supported by the platform, users can quickly connect IoT devices or streaming media video devices to the platform with simple configuration to enable real-time preview and unified management of data.
Application Construction
Sophon Edge provides drag-and-drop interaction to help users quickly build intelligent application scenarios. Moreover, the platform provides standard scenario templates for different industries such as strong supervision, safety prevention and control on the construction site, operation and maintenance of power systems and municipal supervision. Copy and implementation in similar scenarios can be done quickly, effectively reducing user development costs and quickly realizing business process connection.
Self-Developed Algorithms
The model warehouse in Sophon Edge has accumulated a large number of detection or classification models for people, vehicles, objects and equipment, with a wide scenario coverage. Furthermore, it provides a model production tool of the whole process tool chain from sample management, data annotation to model training, effectively shortening the model production cycle and enabling the quick iteration and optimization of the model.
Service Capability
Sophon Edge has passed the EC Ready test of the CAICT, and the edge computing service capabilities of the platform has been authoritative certified. In addition, at the system level it has the ability of cloud-native edge computing and visual operation and maintenance monitoring to ensure the stable operation of services.
Ecology and Cooperative
Sophon Edge is compatible to mainstream hardware platforms and architectures, and able to accelerate model inference. Moreover, depending on the standard interface provided by the platform, different types of deep learning models can be quickly launched, version managed and deployed on Edge Node, which can simplify the deployment and implementation of AI models for users.
Application Scenarios / Cases
  • Intelligent Grid Operation & Maintenance
  • Intelligent City Supervision
  • Intelligent Safety Prevention and Control on the Construction Site
Intelligent Grid Operation & Maintenance
Sophon Edge supports constructing a monitoring model based on sensor data and camera data in the cloud node, and deploys the model to the edge node with one click. In this way, real-time monitoring of staff's wearing condition and behavior status, as well as predictive identification and real-time warning of equipment abnormal status, can be realized to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment in the process of power grid operation and maintenance.
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