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Data Sharing and Exchange Platform
Demand pain points
Resource retrieval
• Low retrieval efficiency, inability to retrieve based on the attributes of the resources and inability to filter resources in multiple dimensions;
• Unintelligent retrieval, inability to recommend relevant assets based on search habits;
Data transmission and security
• Due to different ways of storing different business data and lack of unified standard data exchange protocols, the data flows between different storage systems in different storage formats;
• Data usually corresponds to different data owners and user authority, and the direction of data exchange between different users is not controllable;
Catalog maintenance
• Difficulties in data categorization, with only technical catalogs and no business catalogs;
• Lack of global perspective on data assets, such as organizational perspective, business perspective, and resource type perspective;
Data application
• Data sharing and application is mainly used by downloading, which is not fit for flow of resources in large volume and quantities;
TDS data exchange and sharing
◆ Product capability: Basic interconnection platform to support enterprise data sharing and exchange
◆ Product goal: To promote data transactions and provide basic support for cross-level, cross-system and cross-department data sharing and business collaboration within and outside the enterprise
◆ core feature:
◆ Data asset release management
◆ Statistical analysis of data assets
◆ Data asset catalog maintenance
◆ Data asset sharing management
◆ Data asset security management
◆ Data asset audit process management
◆ Data asset search management
Product name
Transwarp Foresight
Data set portal
Data tags and indicators portal
Reporting portal
Data asset cataloging, search and security management
Asset publish and circulation control