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Data Service Platform
Demand pain points
Indicator monitoring
• Lack of indicator visualization when calls
• Lack of indicator visualization by business systems calls
Indicator management
• Data sources are various and lack standard definition rules
• Developers need to master multiple bottom implementation skills and complete validation, resulting in high maintenance costs
• Complex and diverse demand scenarios for indicators, and inability to create custom indicators flexibly
Data API
• Lack of unified API service center to facilitate the connection to multiple application systems
TDS data service platform
◆ Product capability: Data service platform for data API service development, launch, invocation management and monitoring statistics.
◆ Product goal: To convert diverse data into data assets directly used by business applications, connect data and business, and improve the construction of enterprise data middle office;
◆ Core features:data API service development, publish and management;
Product name
Data service development, definition and management of various indicators
Data service opening and providing API services to the public
Data service monitoring to monitor the usage of indicators