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Unified Resource Management | Unified Storage Management | Unified Computing Engine | Unified Data Operations
Lakehouse Solution
Unified Resource Management
The solution provides TCOS, a containerized operating system based on cloud-native technology, which is compatible with independent and controllable hardware ecology and provides a unified resource scheduling framework.Through containerized orchestration, it can unify the scheduling of various basic resources such as computing, storage and network.
Unified Storage Management
Transwarp Distribute Data Management System(TDDMS),which provides public storage management services for different storage engines, currently accesses 9 storage engines and supports 10 data models of storage. Through the unified storage management, it can reduce the operation and maintenance management costs and avoid the problem of data isolation. Meanwhile, TDDMS also has plug-in features to support flexible business expansion and access to other storage engines on demand.
Unified Computing Engine
Transwarp Nucleon,Transwarp distributed computing engine,can automatically match high-performance algorithms according to different storage engines,it also supports fusion analysis of cross-modal data, which can reduce development difficulty and improve development efficiency.
Unified Data Operations
The solution provides standard SQL syntax support to achieve a unified interface to handle different business and data models, and can complete various compound cross-model data queries with only simple SQL statements. It can solve the problems of interface and development language switching caused by scenario switching and database switching, and reduce development and migration costs.
Solution Highlights
Transwarp Lakehouse Platform has multiple heterogeneous data unified storage and unified control capabilities, supporting 10 kinds of data models, including relational data storage, wide table storage, graphical relation storage, log storage, spatio-temporal track storage, real-time data calculation and storage, time-series data storage, key-value data storage, document-based data storage, and event storage.
Transwarp lakehouse platform makes a breakthrough in the traditional hybrid architecture of “Hadoop+MPP” , truly realizing the unified technical architecture of lake warehouse and greatly improving data processing efficiency.
and Stream Collaboration
Transwarp lakehouse platform supports batch flow integration and realizes cross-modal data fusion analysis.
Cross-modal data fusion analysis, batch and ftream collaborative development, etc. are accessed through a unified interface with full support for SQL syntax, which is universally, easily and well to use.
Based on cloud-native technology architecture, it supports decoupling of storage and calculation, which can realize elastic stretching of resources and improve resource utilization.
and Controllable
Our products and technologies are independently controllable and fully compatible with XinChuang’s upstream and downstream ecology. We support 10 types of operating systems, including 7 domestic operating systems such as KylinOS, UOS and openEuler, to meet the needs of various XinChuang software and hardware environments; We supports 6 hardware brands, including 4 brands of domestic CPU such as Hygon and KunPeng, and supports unified cluster hybrid architecture deployment to maximize the utilization of hardware resources.
Application Scenarios / Cases
  • A Large Enterprise Group
  • A Large State-owned Enterprise
A Large Enterprise Group
Transwarp helps a large enterprise group build a data-driven and technology-enabled lakehouse,fully empowering the enterprise's integration and collaboration, management innovation and business innovation.The lakehouse fully integrates and manages the whole life cycle data of each system of the enterprise, quickly explores the value behind the data, and implements rich data application scenarios.It supports all kinds of business scenarios, including assisting leaders in strategic control and decision-making, comprehensive and flexible business analysis, helping supervision to prevent and resolve major risks, assisting decision-making and market research, and business optimization and innovation. It truly forms a data-driven closed-loop iterative ecology that empowers business and comprehensively improves enterprise management and operation capabilities.
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