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Transwarp Data Cloud

Data PaaS / Analysis PaaS / Application PaaS
Triple cloud convergence to enpower enterprises digital transformation
Triple Cloud Convergence to Empower Enterprises' Digital Transformation
Based on cloud-native technology and integrates data PaaS, analytics PaaS and application PaaS to achieve end-to-end full lifecycle management of data
Why TDC is a Pioneer in Data Cloud Platform Area
Technological Pioneering
Transwarp has been researching on the combination of big data technology and container technology since 2015 to manage and orchestrate big data products with container cloud technology. It officially launched TDC, a data cloud product with dozens of invention patents, in May 2018, becoming an important technology innovator and pioneer in this field.
Supporting Multi-tenancy
It is the first in the industry to support multi-tenancy of data cloud platform through cloud-native technologies such as containers, and now a provider of multi-tenant cloud-based big data services and application cloud services for government, enterprises and other customers. The default isolation of data, resources and applications from those of different tenants ensures the security of tenants, while data also can be shared and exchanged via inter-tenant sharing technology.
Enterprise-level PaaS Cloud Platform
Provides DB PaaS, Analytics PaaS, Application PaaS and other services on a unified cloud platform with cloud-native technologies in the container, distributed or microservice forms. • With a complete support for enterprise-level big data business, providing scenario-oriented cloud-native big data solution suites, including cloud-native data lake, cloud-native data warehouse, distributed search engine, real-time computing, etc., and a toolset for full lifecycle management of data, for various data business scenarios such as database, data warehouse, data lake, data engineering, data science, data application, data sharing and trading.
Innovative Federated Cloud Architecture
TDC federated cloud is compatible with multiple infrastructure setups, including data cloud construction on infrastructures based on enterprise private cloud, public cloud, and private and public hybrid cloud. • Built on legacy device and compatible with established IaaS infrastructures and can be extended to IaaS infrastructures of multiple technical architectures • The technical architecture and product form of federated cloud supports the long-term evolution of enterprise-level data application cloud platform and adapts to most enterprise infrastructure scenarios, saving the cost of underlying facility transformation for enterprises.
Innovative Decoupled Storage & Computing Technology
By containerizing computing services such as database compute nodes and artificial intelligence frameworks, and containerizing distributed storage services of databases and big data, the distributed storage layer directly provides data interfaces and shields compute layer services from the underlying details to achieve decoupling of storage and compute services. In addition, the OS scheduler prioritizes running computing services close to the data nodes to realize the scheduling of computing and storage with optimal efficiency, and computing and storage services can be scaled elastically and independently to realize online dynamic scheduling and elastic capacity expansion and reduction.
Unified Management
TDC supports the scheduling of diverse stateful services including distributed file system, search, data warehouse, graph database, message middleware, relational database, data science computing and knowledge graph, etc. It achieves optimal scheduling of multiple tenants and instances across the whole cluster according to scheduling policies such as compatibility, mutual exclusivity, dependency and high IO component mutual exclusion.
Built-in Privacy Computing Capability
Under its privacy computing framework, TDC supports privacy computing and TEE trusted computing technology to make the data available but invisible, enabling the cross-domain cooperation of multi-source data while ensuring data security and application convergence, solving data protection converged application challenges. Users can rest assured to put data into the secure privacy computing area and safely conduct joint modeling with third-party data to support the construction of data circulation ecology.
Supports X86 and ARM CPUs and GPUs, Linux, Windows and domestic operating systems, and hybrid deployment on heterogeneous hardware and heterogeneous operating systems and builds a unified TDC data cloud platform based on single or multiple IT application and innovation clouds. All Transwarp products are independently developed to guaranteed system security and control. Meets the localization needs of enterprises and accelerates the development of IT application and innovation industry.
Diverse Product Portfolio to Meet Various Complex scenarios
Data Lake
Data Lake
Provides data lake construction, governance, and management capabilities and unifies various business system data within and outside the enterprise Unifies the management of internal and external data assets, shapes unified data governance standards and specifications with enterprises, and strengthens data security control and data security. Supports innovative applications and services of the enterprise and its business divisions and subsidiaries, and promotes the digitalization of enterprises.
Distributed Analytical Database
Distributed Analytical Database
ArgoDB, a distributed analytical database product, is a database designed for flash memory. It can adapt to the support of online + offline, transaction + analysis mixed scenarios and meet various demands of enterprises for big data platforms in one stop.
Data Middle Platform Toolset
Data Middle Platform Toolset
Supports multi-person online collaborative data development and enterprise-level data governance and data asset platform building. Improves the efficiency of enterprises in building data middleware, data warehouse, data lake and other systems, and realizes data assetization and data servitization more efficiently. Supports data development, data governance, and data sharing exchange scenarios.
Data Warehouse
Data Warehouse
High-performance data warehouse is a data repository. It comprehensively integrates all kinds of data and organizes information according to themes, making it the core in business intelligence building.
Wide Table Database
Wide Table Database
Transwarp Hyperbase is a NoSQL wide-table database launched by Transwarp and supports business requirements of million-level high concurrency and millisecond low latency. ,Hyperbase supports the storage of structured data, and unstructured data such as text, images, videos, and objects, supports indexing technologies such as full-text indexing and secondary indexing, provides multi-tenant management and supports SQL standard syntax and is compatible with open source HBase. Hyperbase helps users to rapidly develop applications for historical data query, business online retrieval, etc.
Enterprise Data Report
Enterprise Data Report
Enterprise data report is a professional BI front-end presentation tool with dashboard (management cockpit), flexible query, spreadsheet, OLAP multi-dimensional analysis, mobile BI application, Office analysis report plug-in, self-analysis, data collection and other functional modules.
Data Mart
Data Mart
It specializes in departmental-level businesses, provides services for enterprise departments or workgroups, extracts subsets from data warehouses, designs, develops and manages subject-specific data marts for a particular department or for some special analysis purposes. It provides various models for data organizing, enabling interactive analysis and the building of automated report application. It prevents data silos through systematic data integration.
Distributed Graph Database
Distributed Graph Database
Transwarp StellarDB is a distributed graph database built for enterprise-level graph applications, which can quickly find correlations between data and provide powerful algorithm analysis capabilities. StellarDB enables low-latency multi-layer relational queries that traditional databases lack, granting it a great application potential in social networks, public security, and finance.
Data Science Platform
Data Science Platform
This one-stop data science infrastructure platform based on Sophon Base contains basic modules for projects, experiments, datasets, models, code, file management, etc., covering the full lifecycle of machine learning development, from data cleaning, feature engineering, model training to model launching.
Real-Time Computing
Real-Time Computing
It is a stream processing and analysis platform on the cloud, which provides real-time collection and real-time processing of stream data and helps enterprises build online real-time applications and make full use of stream data.
Data Development Toolset
Data Development Toolset
It provides diversified data-related tools to support the development, monitoring, operation and maintenance, and alarming of visual data in the whole process. It realizes data unification and assetization, and builds enterprise-level data lake, data warehouse, and data mart.
Knowledge Graph Platform
Knowledge Graph Platform
It is a knowledge graph product based on Sophon KG that integrates knowledge acquisition, fusion, storage, computation and application. It supports drag-and-drop graph construction, knowledge extraction, knowledge storage, distributed graph computation, knowledge reasoning and graph query & analysis.
Transwarp KunDB
Transwarp KunDB
A distributed relational transaction database is highly scalable and highly available with high performance and supports full transactional features.
Data Development and Governance Toolset
Data Development and Governance Toolset
Support the work of data governance topics and improve the level of data management. Realizes the control, protection and improvement of data asset value. The core functions are data standard management, data quality management, metadata management, data lineage, data security and authority management, and intelligent data asset management.
Financial Risk Analysis Suite
Financial Risk Analysis Suite
The financial risk analysis suite builds digital, automated and intelligent capabilities for business by supporting ultra-speed multi-source streaming data acquisition, high concurrent streaming data computing, real-time intelligent computing, and real-time processing of complex events, which meets the demands of application scenarios of high concurrency, low latency, fast configuration and real-time release of policy rules.
  • Data Lake
  • Data Warehouse
  • Data Mart
  • Real-Time Computing
  • Transwarp KunDB
  • Distributed Analytical Database
  • Wide Table Database
  • Distributed Graph Database
  • Data Development Toolset
  • Data Development and Governance Toolset
  • Data Middle Platform Toolset
  • Enterprise Data Report
  • Data Science Platform
  • Knowledge Graph Platform
  • Financial Risk Analysis Suite
Data Lake
Provides data lake construction, governance, and management capabilities and unifies various business system data within and outside the enterprise Unifies the management of internal and external data assets, shapes unified data governance standards and specifications with enterprises, and strengthens data security control and data security. Supports innovative applications and services of the enterprise and its business divisions and subsidiaries, and promotes the digitalization of enterprises.
Security and Reliability Underlying Support Capacity, Professional for Reliability
  • Operation System
  • Container Runtime
  • Scheduling
  • Networking
  • Storage
  • Monitoring, Alerting and Logging
  • Application Definition and Development
Red Flag
Kubernetes ecology
Safe and Reliable Underlying Supporting Capacity
Data PaaS
TDC data PaaS platform solves the problem of data dispersion and isolation, avoids exchange barriers, to enable shared and centralized storage of all kinds of data assets, realize open data services and mutual data exchange, and build a data asset directory to provide comprehensive data governance. In addition, TDC data platform contains abundant data development kits and provides a perfect data development environment, which lowers the technical threshold, simplifies data development process, solves the pain points and efficiency problems in data development, and effectively improves data development capability.
Analytics PaaS
TDC analytics PaaS platform meets the demand for open data analytics services inside and outside, allowing a large number of data engineers and data scientists to work concurrently on one platform to promote collaboration. TDC provides a variety of analytics platforms, opens data sets, and eliminates the need for analysts to redefine policies across different tools and platforms, effectively reducing the time wasted by teams to reconfigure and tuning in due to analysis on different platforms, and providing systematic and efficient management of models.
Application PaaS
TDC application PaaS provides an abundant and complete middleware and application development platform, to improve efficiency of application development, deployment, operation and maintenance, and governance, and address various application development and management challenges faced by enterprises. For application development, TDC provides essential mainstream application development tools, application micro-service framework, and DevOps tool chain to effectively regulate the application development process, improve efficiency and control quality. At the same time, TDC provides service deployment and governance capabilities with features such as resource elastic scaling, resource isolation, and fault tolerance.
Data cloud Management Platform
With efficient cluster management capability, TDC data cloud management platform simultaneously manages thousands of physical or containers and provides automated CPU/GPU/memory/storage/network management. Its flexible resource pool elasticity management supports automated resource scheduling, and adopts an innovative preemptive resource scheduling model, allowing batch operations and real-time business to share computing resources over time. The comprehensive security control feature ensures system security, tenant security, data security, and cloud product security, while enterprise-level operation management supports customizable metering and billing policies, as well as flexible work order management. In addition, unified operation and maintenance monitoring supports a full-link high-throughput, high-availability, and security control log system for the user login recording and reviewing, authorization, access, and other operations.
Provide Mature Solutions
Technical Scenarios
Data Warehouse
Provides data reporting and data analysis capabilities, supports multiple users, provides comprehensive data insights, and simplifies data governance.
Data Lake
Enables companies and organizations to use the scalability, security and analytics of a data warehouse in the cloud to consolidate all structured and semi-structured data into one centralized location for real-time analysis.
Data Engineering
Enables data engineers, IT departments, data science teams, and business analytics teams to efficiently build and manage data pipelines directly using SQL and transform raw data into operable data and assets to accelerate decision-making.
Data Science
Most data science work involves transforming large volumes of raw data at scale to enable advanced analytics such as advanced statistical analysis and machine learning. Based on the high-performance and highly scalable cloud platform, TDC accelerates transformations across massive data sets and integrates with superior data science tools and languages.
Data Sharing and Exchange
Enables different organizations to share, connect, collaborate and access real-time datasets, allows data to be replicated across organizations and tenants for multiple users without compromising data integrity.
Industry Scenarios
Data Sharing and Exchange Platform
Information big data platform building
Big data DAAS application platform
A Open platform for containerized big data capabilities
Accelerates the Industries Digitalization
  • Data Sharing and Exchange Platform
  • Information Big Data Platform
  • Big Data Capability Platform
SomeData Sharing and Exchange Platform
TDC builds a city-level data center with one network and unified management. Provides development tenant space and data assets, including big data platform, development tools, artificial intelligence platform, DevOps, microservices, etc., to each bureau, to realize centralized and unified management of public data, whole life cycle data governance, and data sharing, integration and application.
Peak value
The average daily queries of an application based on TDC
Reach up to
1 billion+
Total queries in 4.5 months

Transwarp, Shaping the Future Data World