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Knowledge Graph

Text Diversification Processing
Interactive Graph Construction
Multi-Dimensional Graph Analytics
Knowledge graph
Graph Construction Without Code
The service of the blueprint definition module in Sophon KG supports users to complete the graph construction through the configuration with simple drag-and-drop operations. And the built-in blueprint template service provided by Sophon KG enables business personnel to generate the graph only by completing the mapping of business data and blueprint templates, realizing the whole process without codes.
Interactive Graph Analytics
Sophon KG supports multiple query methods including cypher query language, simple search with ID, and queries with complex entity-relationship rules, etc., and has the capabilities of directional analysis, timing analysis, dynamic path analysis and visualization analysis, enabling users to realize multi-dimensional graph analytics.
Text Annotation
Sophon KG provides a text annotation component-Anno, which can support three annotation tasks of entity, relationship extraction and text classification. It allows users with high industry attributes to train a higher-precision knowledge extraction model to realize the intelligent knowledge graph construction of text data and the construction of Event Logic Graph.
Data Mining with Graph Algorithms
Sophon KG has built-in a variety of distributed graph algorithms. At the same time, it also provides customized graph algorithm services, which greatly enhance the ability of graph algorithm, satisfying customers' demand for graph pattern discovery and better realizing knowledge reasoning.
Intelligent Semantic Retrieval
Sophon KG enables users to map and discover the structured information of related concepts and entities of the objective world in the knowledge graph by simply inputting keywords or natural language related to a certain knowledge field, allowing users to have a simple and easy-to-use graph analytics with visual query builder.
Solution Highlights
Data Processing Platform
Sophon KG supports multi-source and multi-mode data access. Moreover, it supports docking with the distributed database StellarDB, the distributed full-text search and analysis engine Transwarp Scope and the space-time database Spacture, all self-developed by Transwarp. And it can support the storage and query of multimodal data on the user side.
Deep Graph Learning
Computing Engine
Sophon KG provides a deep learning computing engine of graphs——ZenGraph, which supports communication with a variety of data and has almost no consumption during data transmission. In addition to a variety of built-in distributed graph algorithms, it also provides customized graph algorithm services, which greatly enhances the ability of graph algorithm and satisfies customers' demand for graph pattern discovery.
Full Lifecycle
From graph definition, knowledge extraction, knowledge fusion, knowledge storage knowledge retrieval to knowledge reasoning, Sophon KG provides full-link support and management for the whole lifecycle management of knowledge. At the same time, drag-and-drop visual knowledge graph service greatly lowers the threshold of knowledge graph analytics.
Applications for Graph Analytics
Sophon KG supports not only the zero-code interactive map query to achieve "what you see is what you get"(WYSIWYG), but also natural language search , knowledge recommendation, pattern discovery based on graph algorithm, intelligent Q&A, sentiment analysis, time-space analysis and other functions to help users understand big data in multiple dimensions and provide decision-making support.
Application Scenarios / Cases
  • Monitoring the Spreading of Public Opinion Risk
  • Research on Intelligent Investment Research and Robo-Advisor
  • Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Fraud System
Monitoring the Spreading of Public Opinion Risk
Sophon KG structures public opinions through the combination of natural language processing and graph computing. Its visualized graph construction service makes it easier for users to build industrial knowledge graphs. The built-in and customized graph computing algorithm service helps users to carry out the risk spread assessment of public opinion, upstream entities and downstream entities related to the risk spread of public opinion, and help users find the risks associated with market conditions.
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